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Market Development

Tumac has spent over 60 years developing domestic and international connections to help you sell your products in the markets where they can draw the best price and highest demand. Whether the best market for your product is next door or half the world away, we can get you in the right doors.

Custom Product Design

Our seasoned merchants are constantly working closely with manufactures to produce unique wood products for our customers.  Tumac’s many years of experience in diverse areas of the wood products business make us uniquely qualified to assist with product development. We work every day to help suppliers develop new products to meet our customer’s requirements and to advise customers on changes that will allow them to increase profits.

Product Sourcing

With contacts in every corner of the world, Tumac can find the most appropriate and cost-efficient supplies for your wood products application. Whether your business is looking to improve quality, cut costs or fill a market niche, we can deliver the supplies you need.

Just-in-time Inventories

Tumac can customize an inventory program to meet the needs of both suppliers and customers. From our own distribution facilities and through independent contractors we provide just-in-time shipment of products. Suppliers and customers improve cash flow and efficiencies when Tumac takes charge of distribution.